Kidz Klub



Winter Season Wrap-Up

March 18th concluded a memorable winter session of Kidz Klub 2014!  The evening included a closing awards program in which 17 students received participation awards and sang songs learned during Kidz Klub.  During the taco family supper, some of the kids were heard still humming the tunes and singing the words!   Many of them expressed excitement to their parents about coming to Prince of Peace for worship services.  

This session we were privileged to use our curriculum constructed for As We Go Ministries.   Students learned about Jesus through His miracles of healing, calming, forgiving, and blessing.  Along with clever crafts and catchy songs related to each miracle, there was a brief puppet video that taught the lesson theme.  This new element in the Kidz Klub was engaging for the kids!  The unusual wintry weather allowed us to have five of eight scheduled Tuesdays with the kids.  The time, though short, was valuable for speaking the gospel and nurturing faith in Jesus Christ! 




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