Spiritual Growth

Bible Study

Ongoing Scripture studies meeting throughout the week.  You are invited and always welcome!

Sunday Bible Class 10:30am & 6:00pm

4/12 – “Why Church?”

4/26 – “We Need Local Missionaries”

5/3 – “New Vision for a New Future”

5/10 – “How God Builds His Church”

 Men’s Bible Class – 6:00am

A small group study for men that addresses topics of Christian living.

Women’s Bible Study Group

2nd & 4th Mondays at 10:30am
Women’s Bible Study Group will meet again Monday, April 13 and 27, at 10:30 am at POP!  All women are welcome to come to be in the Word, fellowship, share and pray together.  Contact Susan if interested.

 Wednesday Bible Class 10:00am

The topic for this class during April continues themes of “The Parables of Lent” Sunday worship series:  receiving justification, the Word, the Treasure, mercy, grace, and forgiveness.  Class meets at 10:00 am on Wednesdays in the Multi-Purpose Room.



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