Spiritual Growth

Bible Study

Ongoing Scripture studies meeting throughout the week.  You are invited and always welcome!

Sunday Bible Class 10:30am

Three Blessed Men  -  Think of Christmas and a greeting-card image of a manger scene probably pops into your head.  Is that what things really looked like?  The Bible tells us a lot about the people and activities surrounding the birth of Jesus.  Join us in Sunday Bible Class at 10:30 am in the Multi-Purpose Room as we dig into the lives of three important men – Truly Blessed!

Men’s Bible Class – 6:00am

A small group study for men that addresses topics of Christian living.

Women’s Bible Study Group

2nd & 4th Mondays at 10:30am
Check back soon to see what we have planned for the new year!

Wednesday Bible Class 10:00am

The Many Wonders of Heaven  -  A new Bible study of heaven began Wednesday, Sept. 17.  Someone said, “Describe heaven to me so I’ll want to go.”  What will we be?  What will we have?  What will we do?  This study clarifies what the Bible teaches about heaven and its existence.  It concentrates on the questions and answers, and it emphasizes the joy of your future home.  Each participant will receive a 110-page study guide (Cost: $7).  Sign up at the Information Counter or call the church office.  Friends are welcome, too!


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